Tool Buyback Program

The ultimate remedy for your surplus and
outdated machine shop tooling.

Money for Materials

Through our Buyback Program, we buy your surplus machine shop tooling and materials, granting you money in hand or credit in your account. This allows you to clear valuable warehouse space, minimize landfill waste, and earn extra money to use as you please.

Our Method

Simplify the entire experience with us. Enjoy zero on-site auctions to attend, zero waiting on consignment checks, and zero hassles to manage. Our streamlined approach allows you to reduce waste, save space, and earn money for your effort and materials.


Send us information about and/or pictures of your surplus tooling. If you do not have that information, call us at 937-951-3527 to schedule a no cost on-site evaluation with one of our Buyback experts.


Within 24 hours of your evaluation, you will receive a cash or exchange offer.


Within 24 hours following accepting our offer you will receive payment for your surplus tooling


We work with your schedule to remove your surplus tooling efficiently.

Exchange Credit Program Exchange cash for credit and earn 30% more.

Our method generates added value from your surplus machine shop tooling by granting you a 30% higher exchange value on your transaction.

Your exchange credit is safely stored in your personal account until you are ready to use it to purchase any of our inventory. Save even more money by taking advantage of our competitive pricing that is well below average listing prices.

Maximize Your Exchange Value

Gain up to 30% more money
when you use our exchange program.

What We Buyback

  • Gages Thread Ring Gages, Thread Plug Gages, Plain
    Ring Gages, and Plain Plug Gages
  • Boring Tools & Accessories Boring Heads, Boring Bars, Boring Accessories
  • Tool Holders CAT40, CAT50, CAT60, BT40, BT50,
    HSK63, HSK100
  • Consumables Indexable Carbide Inserts, Solid Carbide Drills, Endmills
  • Machine Spare Parts Spare Parts
  • Workholding Rotary Tables, Chucks, Vises
  • Other Tooling Face Mills, Tail Stocks, Steady Rests, Collets,
    Collet Extensions, and more.

Have something that is not on the list?

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!